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ZIRX is now STRATIM and before we drop you off at the front door of our new brand and product offering, we thought it best to provide insight into why we made this shift. Quickly though, if you are a current customer looking for platform access, please navigate to

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How we got to this moment


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ZIRX all started in a San Francisco coffee shop on Fillmore street. Looking out the window, minding our phones, there was a lightbulb moment — "why are all these cars driving around looking for parking?" — we asked. ZIRX came from an obsession to solve a problem that was staring us in the face.

Sean and me left our jobs and bunkered down to build out the infrastructure, operations and consumer application for what would become ZIRX — Rockstar Parking.

ZIRX grew really fast. In under a year we had raised $36M, opened 6 markets, hired 50+ team members and began processing 2K+ transactions a day for customers. But ZIRX was vision-less. Its core product — on-demand parking for well-to-do consumers — neither made money nor produced long run value. It simply provided a slick experience.

What ZIRX did have in spades were core assets — storage locations, a network of drivers and vendors, and routing / dispatching software. The question became less about what we thought about parking and more about what we believe is the long run future of transportation that could be built out of these assets.

We believe that vehicles are going to start to do things themselves, that car ownership will shift from the individual to the corporation and that mobility will become experience driven. Most importantly, these seismic shifts are creating massive operational complexity that can only be solved with highly sophisticated software married to highly integrated physical assets.

Sure, storing vehicles is part of that future, but it’s an add-on feature.

Since February of 2016, ZIRX has been operating as an "Enterprise Logistics Provider" by leveraging our core assets from the consumer business and applying them to Enterprises.

STRATIM fits these grand dreams and is a shift to becoming a purpose-driven company. STRATUM is Latin for "layer" — it represents the fabric and sturdy platform we are building for logistics companies to run their businesses on-top of. The "I" replacing the "U" signifies the advanced computer-driven intelligence we are and will be providing.

More, STRATIM is built for those skating to where the puck is going. It’s an offering built for those who understand that unifying all aspects of logistics under one common network is the only path forward. But unlike the coffee shop on Fillmore, STRATIM is not something we see, it’s something we leverage and believe.

To get acquainted with STRATIM, please click the button below to be directed to our front door. STRATIM will be waiting to greet you.

From all of us at STRATIM HQ — Forward!

— Shmulik