Everything in one place; including your real-estate portfolio

Bring your storage locations online and benefit from real-time connectivity

Unified locations

Centrally manage every location through STRATIM’s Command Hub and capitalize on intelligent vehicle routing, vendor access rights and centralized billing.

Live feedback & analysis

Track vehicle level storage costs, send ingress / egress notifications and provide lot managers with dashboards relevant to their location.

Maximize utilization

Make smarter routing decisions with data collected by STRATIM. Understand which facilities are over and under performing.

Expand your portfolio

Partner with STRATIM’s 1st and 3rd party real-estate portfolio to expand your footprint and replace underperforming locations.

It’s simple to store vehicles

  • TODO

    1Load all existing locations into the STRATIM command hub.

  • 2STRATIM optimizes the usage of each location based on your requests.

  • TODO

    3Proactively send notifications and service requests to lot managers.

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    4Track the productivity of each location and make portfolio changes in real-time.

  • 5Pay for all locations through a single consolidated invoice.

Powerful tools for your teams

Lot Managers


Operations Team

Command Hub

Management Team

Analytics Dashboard

Manage all storage locations from a single interface

  • Controlled Notifications

    Mandate notifications and allow in-lot personnelle to set other notifications for themselves concerning vehicle ingress and egress, stall levels and ETAs. Messages can be send via SMS, app or on screen
  • Bidirectional Communication

    Arm lot personnel with tools to notate cars as parked, ready for retrieval or a customized update of your choice. Updates can trigger other request flows in your fleet.
  • Live Data

    Act on key metrics from each location in your portfolio either through the command hub or through a direct connection into on-premise software

Focus on higher value activities that are core to your business

  • Automate repetitive tasks

    Eliminate manual drudgery, by setting batch vehicle movements to repeat. Set it once and let STRATIM do the rest.
  • Input, track & manage requests

    View past, present and future requests and schedule new ones. You can see fares estimated before you move any vehicle.
  • Live syncing of all your operations

    Keep everyone on the same page, banish communication silos and bring clarity as well as efficiency to your teams.
  • Oversee everything

    View requests linked to your storage locations in real-time. Glance over all your markets and drill down into individual locations.

Reduce operational costs by eliminating inefficiencies

  • Vehicle & request-level cost data

    View your data by market, date or location to fully understand where your costs are.
  • Monitor performance of your operations

    See the true value and efficiency of your full portfolio. All costs are transparent so you’re no longer worrying about where your resources are going.
  • Arm yourself with critical data points when speaking with stakeholders

    Never be in the dark or need to run outdated analytics reports about your operations — every key metric is always available to you.

Store vehicles with STRATIM’s storage or your own portfolio

Connect Current

  • Link all current locations into STRATIM Seamless integration for both lot managers and your team at the tap of a button.
  • Access unified reporting & notifications Real-time data and analytics that your whole team can understand.
  • Intelligently feed vehicles to your existing locations Let STRATIM optimize the routing of vehicles across your storage locations.

Expand Your

  • Concierge level service for securing new locations Scout for new storage locations with a single point of contact at STRATIM.
  • Leverage economies of scale Access 1st and 3rd party inventory through the STRATIM Exchange at preferential rates.
  • Discover first-class vendors Work with vendors who are pre-certified by STRATIM and already using STRATIM tools to augment your existing setup.

Build a unified logistics ecosystem with the full suite of STRATIM solutions