Servicing vehicles at scale doesn’t have to be complicated

Old Way

New Way

Old Way

New Way

Handle vendors with precision

The STRATIM Platform digitizes your operations so they work together intelligently

All your vendors in one place

Bring all your existing vendors together in a command hub by consolidating your supply chain, removing vendor overlap and creating a single point of truth.

Service requests managed for you

Automate request distribution to vendors and streamline vendor request flows to allow job distribution to be reliable, predictable and truly scalable.

Total visibility over your operations

Monitor all your vendors’ actions in real-time from your desk, without picking up a phone. Identify points of congestion and visualize request progress on your own live map.

Full control of vendor performance

Access vendor performance data so you can hold vendors to strict SLAs and discover new vendors that can improve your operational uptime.

Simple, Powerful & Scalable Vendor Management

  • 1Load your current vendors into STRATIM’s command hub.

  • 2Schedule service requests to vendors based on your business rules.

  • 3Send vendors service requests via STRATIM’s mobile app.

  • 4Track service requests in real-time and re-route different vendors to your fleet.

  • 5Review performance and costs against your entire network all in a single interface.

Plug in your own vendors and tap into the STRATIM exchange to discover new ones

Your own team and vendors

  • Consolidate your supply chain Every service provider working together in one place. Eliminate overlaps and reduce inefficiencies.
  • Monitor their performance Hold vendors accountable with real-time cost and performance metrics.
  • Provide tools to increase their efficiency Equip vendors with the STRATIM mobile app so real-time instructions and reporting are at their fingertips.

Get the tools

Vendors on the STRATIM Exchange

  • Fully vetted premium providers Leverage highly skilled on-demand workforces to increase fleet performance.
  • Gain redundancy Use multiple service providers to bring down costs and negotiate service pricing.
  • Expand your offerings Scale your operations predictably and provide new services as you grow.

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The STRATIM Exchange

Augment your existing infrastructure with our Vendor Marketplace

Find the most cost effective & productive teams to boost your fleet performance

STRATIM sources a broad and robust set of vendors across several service verticals all curated to improve operational efficiency.

Track & analyze performance alongside your team

STRATIM records performance and cost metrics in real-time so you can directly compare providers and hold them accountable.


Put first class on-demand teams to work for you, without wasting time managing them.Vendors secured through the exchange are pre-equipped with STRATIM’s tools.


STRATIM provides a low risk way of bringing new services to your existing setup. No long term contacts, just tap into vendors when you need them.

Powerful Vendor Tools

Your Vendors
in the Field

Mobile App

Your Operations

Command Hub

Your Management

Analytics Dashboard

Give your vendors real-time tools, while increasing your control

  • Step-by-step request execution

    Vendors receive request instructions that you define to ensure tasks are handled consistently and effectively. The app guides them through each step of the request.
  • Log request completion on the go

    As vendors progress through a job, your team gets real-time feedback on request completion and changes without needing to call in or retroactively ask for a work log.
  • Real-time data from app to command hub

    Each step your vendors take is transparent to your team and can be used for analysis.
  • Embed security features into your fleet

    Leverage in-app VIN scanning, license plate detection and damage check flows that insure compliance with your business goals.

Focus on higher value activities that are core to your business.

  • Automate repetitive tasks

    Eliminate manual drudgery, by setting batch service jobs to repeat. Create business rules once and let STRATIM do the rest.
  • Input, track & manage requests

    View past, present and future requests and schedule new ones. Forecast service costs before any action is taken.
  • Continuous live syncing of all your operations

    Remove communication silos by using STRATIM as the single point of truth for everyone in your team.
  • Oversee everything

    Watch your workforce, assets and vendors execute requests in real-time. Glance over all your markets and drill down into individual requests, teams and business lines.

See a real-time, holistic, view of your operations

  • Vendor & request-level cost data

    View your data by market, date, request batch or vendor to fully understand where vendors are spending their time on your fleet.
  • Monitor performance of your operations

    See true value and efficiency of your fleet. All costs are transparent so you’re no longer worrying about where your resources are going.
  • Arm yourself with critical data points when speaking with stakeholders

    Never be in the dark or need to run outdated analytics reports about your operations — every key metric is always available to you.

Build a unified logistics ecosystem with the full suite of STRATIM solutions