Moving vehicles at scale doesn’t have to be complicated

Old Way

New Way

Old Way

New Way

Move vehicles with precision

The STRATIM Platform digitizes your operations so everything works together intelligently

One destination for all your operations

Your vehicles, teams and requests are brought together in a central platform that you control.

Transportation logistics managed for you

Requests become automated making task distribution reliable and predictable.

Total visibility into your operations

See all your operations unfold in real-time so you always have complete transparency.

Take full control of fleet performance

Increase vehicle utilization and turnaround times with powerful analytics and optimizations at your fingertips.

It’s simple to move vehicles

  • 1Batch input requests into the STRATIM platform

  • 2STRATIM sorts and prioritizes your requests

  • 3Drivers receive real-time information on the requests assigned to them

  • 4STRATIM tracks every request that is processed

  • 5Analyze vehicle-level costs to optimize your fleet’s performance

You can use STRATIM’s drivers or your own workforce to move vehicles

STRATIM’s Driver Workforce

  • Fully managed workforce Pre-vetted and highly skilled drivers complete requests without any management or HR overhead
  • Unique pay-as-you-go pricing Never pay for idle worker time — pricing is based on a per-request, not a per-hour, model
  • Flexible workforce Dynamically increase and decrease workforce based on request volume alone

See pricing

Your Own Driver Workforce

  • Swift integration Equip your field teams with STRATIM’s software in a matter of days, not months
  • Complete in-office & in-field team alignment Centralize your request management so workers get information from the same source as in-office personnel
  • Mobile App To Perform & Log Tasks Remove paper, phone calls and datasheets, everything is logged from a mobile app you control

Get the tools

STRATIM’s Driver Workforce execute requests for you

Pricing is metered

Based on active time and miles taken to move a vehicle.
We also offer flat rates for repetitive requests. Get in Touch


Less than 3 miles from location, time is tracked from start location to end location.

$0.60/min + $1.00/mile


More than 3 miles from location, time is tracked from dispatch to end location.

$0.65/min + $1.25/mile

Driver pricing in action

Distance Traveled


Distance Cost


Time Duration


Time Cost




example pricing

Powerful tools for your teams


Mobile App

Operations Team

Command Hub

Management Team

Analytics Dashboard

Let your field teams manage themselves, while increasing your control

  • Step-by-step request execution

    Drivers receive request instructions that you define, to ensure tasks are handled consistently and effectively. The app guides them through their tasks every step of the way.
  • Log request completion on the go

    With the tap of a button drivers can inform you when a task has been completed.
  • Real-time data from app to command hub

    Each step your driver takes is transparent to your team and can be used for analysis.
  • Embed security features into your fleet

    Leverage in-app VIN scanning, license plate detection and damage check flows that insure driver compliance with your business goals.

Focus on higher value activities that are core to your business

  • Automate repetitive tasks

    Eliminate manual drudgery, by setting batch vehicle movements to repeat. Set it once and let STRATIM do the rest.
  • Input, track & manage requests

    View past, present and future requests and schedule new ones. You can see fares estimated before you move any vehicle.
  • Continuous live syncing of all your operations

    Keep everyone on the same page, banish communication silos and bring clarity as well as efficiency to your teams.
  • Oversee everything

    Watch your workforce, assets and vendors execute requests in real-time. Glance over all your markets and drill down into individual requests, teams and business lines.

Reduce operational costs by eliminating inefficiencies

  • Vehicle & request-level cost data

    View your data by market, date, request batch or driver to fully understand how your costs are allocated.
  • Monitor performance of your operations

    See the true value and efficiency of your fleet, all costs are transparent so you’re no longer worrying about where your resources are going.
  • Arm yourself with critical data points when speaking with stakeholders

    Never be in the dark or need to run outdated analytics reports about your operations — every key metric is always available to you.

Build a unified logistics ecosystem with the full suite of STRATIM solutions