Customer expectations have changed. We give you the tools to exceed them

STRATIM provides the infrastructure, expertise & teams to deliver modern consumer experiences.

Keep customers in the loop with branded interfaces

When field teams are en-route to customers, send a branded live map to track progress enabling real-time status updates and tracking.

Ensure optimal experiences at every touch point

Send alerts to customers with times, dates, driver names and verification codes to increase trust, ensure security and showcase professionalism.

Learn about your customers

Leverage data collected by your operations to see customer behavior patterns and understand customer retention by your internal segments. Use what you learn to create new opportunities to grow your business.

Find vendors to expand your offerings

Plug in wash, gas, oil and delivery service providers among others through the STRATIM EXCHANGE that work seamlessly with your existing operations. Vendors are hand-picked, reviewed based on quality and pre-equipped with STRATIM’s software.

Bring Your Business To Your Customer With Your Own On-Demand App

Leverage STRATIM’s on-demand infrastructure and consumer expertise to build apps your customers will love to use.

Build a unified logistics ecosystem with the full suite of STRATIM solutions