Fully optimize your operations with one software toolkit

Advanced modules to maximize performance

Choose from a full suite of plug-in features built to optimize your business.

Work smarter, not harder

Create automated workflows between your fleet, teams and vendors

Move fleet from storage to airport on weekdays


Email lot manager when new car is heading to storage


Wash fleet after 5 rentals have taken place or 2000 miles


+ Create new automation


* Example workflows

Eradicate repetitive tasks

Set your rules & let stratim take care of the rest.

Create intelligent workflows in a matter of clicks

Everything you connect to STRATIM becomes intelligent. Teams, vendors and vehicles talk to each other without you needing to pick up a phone or send an email. Repetitive, time consuming tasks can be eliminated in just a few clicks.

Tell STRATIM what vendors to work with

Your operations will start to perform with predictability as well as precision while you sit back and watch it unfold on your computer.

Take command of intelligent dispatching

Put your Operations Team in the driver’s seat.

Organize route / task allocation

See all unrouted tasks and strategically group them for assignment based on location, time and workforce availability so you can eliminate downtime of assets and the need for shuttling.

STRATIM solves
journeys for you

By providing STRATIM with a full roster of requests in a given market, route batches are algorithmically generated for your workforce according to your business parameters.

Make changes in real-time

Take control of your operations as they happen. Reorganize requests throughout the day and assign tasks to drivers and vendors on the go.

Plan & forecast

Always stay ahead of schedule. Ops teams can group and assign tasks for the next day, week or month and create projections of peak times so you’re able to meet demand effortlessly

Visualized data you can act on.

Arm yourself with key insights that drive your business forward.

See data from all your connected operations at a glance

Everything that is integrated into STRATIM sends data to the platform — capturing and transforming mass amounts of raw information into easy to grasp visuals, so you never miss a metric.

Act immediately on key metrics

STRATIM learns your business habits and provides actions to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize operations. The more requests that are processed, the smarter the recommendations become.

Drill down and zoom out

Switch between vehicle level, fleet level and market level data in a click.

Create custom reports in seconds

Share insights with stakeholders to drive business towards your goals. Link data for analysis, pull out information that matters and schedule reports to repeat, so you always have your finger on the pulse.

Build custom request flows

Mould the platform around your operations, create requests tailored to your unique requirements and let the platform power them to maximum efficiency.

Build a unified logistics ecosystem with the full suite of STRATIM solutions