The Road To Liberated Logistics Starts Here

Businesses run on requests. Hundreds of thousands of them. Managing requests at scale is vastly complex. STRATIM products solve that.

The STRATIM Platform

Unifies & oversees requests on your behalf

The STRATIM Exchange

Connects you to vendors to fullfill requests

Dynamic Core Pricing

STRATIM is not a typical SaaS product. There are no per-user costs, flat monthly fees or charges to plug in your infrastructure.

Only pay for what you use, at a simple rate of $0.50 per request.

The STRATIM processing engine works on your behalf to optimize requests, reducing the number needed.

Advanced Functionality

For businesses seeking to build out bespoke operations at a global scale, STRATIM offers a suite of advanced offerings that white label key components of the platform.


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STRATIM’s mobile workforce application allows field teams to track, update and receive guidance through the steps involved in completing requests.

$35 / Monthly

Request Flows

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Build custom request flows tailored to your operations and customer needs that are proprietary to your business and workforce.

$1,000 / Monthly


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Establish server-to-server connections between your own business and the STRATIM Processing Engine.

$5,000 / Monthly


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Test custom workflows, services and communication streams in non-production environments.

$2,000 / Monthly

Live Map

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Provide customers with live maps to track their unique requests in progress.

$0.05 / Per Link


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Send customer SMS updates of their request based on event signals you select.

$0.02 / Per SMS

Processing Engine

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Put the STRATIM Processing Engine directly into next generation devices like connected and autonomous vehicles.

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Customer App

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Partner with STRATIM to build custom consumer applications that align with your business objectives.

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Leverage Expertise

STRATIM provides premium services through its affiliates and curated 3rd party vendors to accomplish requests on behalf of your business. Tap into the network to augment your existing infrastructure, freeing up your internal teams to focus on company-wide objectives.

Transportation Network

Move assets around without needing to manage a large scale workforce directly. Tap into already optimized and effective workforces to further your business without additional overhead.


  • STRATIM’s fully vetted workforce.
  • Pricing is metered, based on the active time and miles it takes to perform a request.
  • $0 deductible on auto and occupational insurance while your assets are in our care.
  • Direct reports of each ingress / egress with images.


  • Expanding list of cost effective and industry leading workforce providers.
  • View and contribute to the reviews of each vendor.
  • Pricing is transparent for each request with STRATIM taking a low % fee.

Storage Network

House your assets in secure and strategic locations across North America. Utilize these private spaces to keep your assets safe in downtime and conduct upgrades when necessary.


  • Directly controlled & secured storage facilities.
  • Pricing is flexible — daily, monthly or per location.
  • Full insurance coverage for assets while stored with $0 deductible.
  • Direct reports of each ingress / egress with images.


  • Connect to the largest parking operators that offer secure and cost-effective storage.
  • View a location availability at a glance.
  • Pricing is transparent for each request with STRATIM taking a low % fee.

Services Network

Tap into vendors that are available to maintain your vehicles while in operation. Keep your fleet purring without having to deal with the hassle and overheads yourself.


  • STRATIM managed services are currently being assembled.


  • Pricing is transparent for each request with STRATIM taking a low % fee.

More Networks
Coming Soon

STRATIM is building a comprehensive logistics ecosystem, adding more networks as we go. Let us know if you have any specific requests.