Our Mission

Is to provide the platform (software in the cloud, services on the ground) that enables the next generation of mobility. With the advent of ride sharing, car sharing, autonomous vehicles and the alike the future of personal transportation is in massive flux. We believe that whatever the future holds, there are some basic underlying facts that will drive all this change and our job is to enable the industry to be ready.

Our Philosophy

I. Higher utilization rates of existing cars

We believe that the utilization rate of cars on the road will increase dramatically in the years to come. Currently most cars just sit in parking lots or driveways 90% of the time. Ride sharing, car sharing, new rental models, autonomous cars, electrification and other advances are going to change this dynamic and put those idle assets to work.

II. Fewer cars sold

This increase in utilization rates (from 10% now to upwards of 90% in the coming years) will cause the number of cars purchased in any given year to decrease dramatically over time.

What this means is an almost 10X increase in the complexity of managing these new “fleets of tomorrow”. Getting the car to where it needs to be, servicing the car, washing the car, managing recalls and dozens of other events will require a platform that can handle this massive level of complexity and scale in an efficient and cost effective manner.

This is STRATIM.

Our Customers

The world’s largest players in automotive sector trust their fleet operations to STRATIM:

Ford General Motors Toyota Cox Automotive Avis Budget Group UBER PRA Group

Our Investors

Some of the best investors in the valley believe in STRATIM’s vision:

Norwest Venture Partners Trinity Ventures Bessemer Venture Partners BMWi